Why drawing ?

Why drawing ?

For years, in my previous job, I worked with 3D design software. At some point I had to choose which program I will use for interior design; the answer was obvious: it would be by hand ! 

The envy to work in a traditional way was inspired by my grandfather, a cabinetmaker with a love for wood. 

I love aesthetics, harmonious contours, drawn plans, the softness of the muffled watercolour that brings life back to the home and daring new designs to inhabit it :

1. The pleasure of the graphic gesture :

The unique and soothing sensation of the pencil sliding and scratching on the paper, translates in me a particular moment of relaxation, which brings me back to my privileged bubble of expression: simplicity.

2. I refine my creativity :

The tip of my pencil is guided by the unique way each of my clients lives their home. Working by hand is intuitive and offers total freedom far from the shackles of prefabricated and standardised forms in image libraries. With a pencil, everything can be re-invented !

3. I optimise and personalise the layout :

To draw a plan by hand I need to know the standard and ergonomic measurements, which also gives me the freedom to deviate from them to create a customised space in line with the personality and needs of my clients. The more I sketch out ideas on paper, the more I can propose a relevant and adapted design.

4. Harmonising our ideas and building an alliance around your project

3D design limits representation, whereas drawing stimulates my clients' imagination. With drawings, sketches and plans, the homeowner is transported by their imagination and gets involved. When the client finally becomes the privileged actor, they make me the designer of this new atmosphere.

Voyage d'intérieurs

Caroline CLEMENT