My name is Caroline Clément

Caroline CLEMENT

I grew up looking at images from elsewhere, those distant lands captured on the super 8 films of my parents' African years have been etched in my memory.Images, travel, beauty and difference; so many values that have nourished me and that I continue to nourish through art and architecture.

The first chapter of my life was written in clay, in search of what the planet has to offer, in search of exoticism and adventure. As a geological engineer, I had the chance to travel the world, to live on different continents, in touch with local cultures. Accompanied by my faithful friend, a 35 millimetre camera, I have photographed, documented, captured the elusive, what is not said, what is lived and it is this that animates the aestheticism of my emotions today. 

A builder at heart...

I have spent many years reinventing and harmonising my home in the four corners of the world, mixing the elsewhere with western inspirations, to remind me of where I come from. To enlarge, to make it breathe, to imagine a new space to facilitate the life of the occupants, to use local materials, to discover the know-how of the craftsmen has become, over the years, a Leitmotiv which fascinates me and has inspired me to start a new chapter of life.

I also trained in interior design using the H.O.M.E. method (Habite et Optimise Mon Espace) to become an expert in ergonomic layout and relevant and customised space optimisation. 

Today, I wish to share my experiences, both design and technical, with regard to this inexhaustible source of oriental, western, ancient, and contemporary colours which have tinted my career. 

The theme of travel is now taking place in our interiors. It is possible to get away from it all by walking through the door, to find the happiness that comes from the intimacy of a place, to build everything in your own image and to enjoy the time that stops.

For the photo and the inner journey to come to life, it is all a question of art and harmony.

See you soon

Voyage d'intérieurs

Caroline CLEMENT