Relevant Space Optimisation and customized interior design

You want to rethink and optimise every square centimetre of your interior, whether you're building or renovating 
You simply want to rethink the layout of your home 
Optimise the flow in your home

 I offer several packages to suit your needs*:

Detailed project Package

Your journey continues. This package complements the previous one, and takes the journey a step further. After examining the potential of your accommodation during the previous stopover, one of the proposals is refined; even the smallest detail is worked on to suit you, all enhanced by the lighting.

This package includes : 

  • Help with decision-making on the project to be carried out.
  • A detailed, adjusted and dimensioned pre-project proposal. 
  • Dimensioned cross-sections of specific elements (kitchen, made-to-measure furniture, wardrobes, dressing rooms, etc.). 
  • 3D views of the main rooms 
  • A plan of electrical and lighting requirements
  • A printed A4 book

Price to suit your needs and desires. 


(Quotation on request, depending on surface area) 

* These packages can be combined with a decoration service and/or simplified according to your expectations and budget.


Voyage d'intérieurs

Caroline CLEMENT