Relevant Space Optimisation and customized interior design

You want to rethink and optimise every square centimetre of your interior, whether you're building or renovating 
You simply want to rethink the layout of your home 
Optimise the flow in your home

 I offer several packages to suit your needs*:

Pre-project Package

With this package, I invite you to explore your home. This package will enable you to discover all the potential of your home, even those you never imagined. Once we've studied and understood your needs and your very own way of living in your own home, the possibilities for a home that's suits you are at your fingertips.

This package includes :

  • A study of your current home state
  • A deep study of all cohabiting needs
  • A proposal for 3 preliminary designs to meet your needs, your lifestyle and your medium- and long-term plans.
  • A summary of the 3 proposals
  • A A4 printed book


Price to suit your needs and desires.


(Quotation on request, depending on surface area)

* These packages can be combined with a decoration service and/or simplified according to your expectations and budget.


Voyage d'intérieurs

Caroline CLEMENT