Relevant Space Optimisation and customized interior design

You want to rethink and optimise every square centimetre of your interior, whether you're building or renovating 
You simply want to rethink the layout of your home 
Optimise the flow in your home

 I offer several packages to suit your needs*:

Decoration Package

What if, as you step through your door, you could tele-transport yourself to a world that belongs only to you? A warm decoration that will take you to a cocoon of serenity at the other end of your world or the planet. I propose to take you to contemporary exotic lands, without moving from your sofa, as a foretaste of your next journey.  

This package complements the previous one and includes

  • Mood boards for each room.
  • Suggested materials, textures, colors, furniture and decorative objects.
  • A printed book in A4+ pdf format
  • A suggestive shopping list of furniture and specific decorative items.

Price to suit your needs and desires.


*  These packages can be combined with a decoration service and/or simplified according to your expectations and budget.


Voyage d'intérieurs

Caroline CLEMENT